Vice-Rector for Foreign Affairs Joined at MBU Convocation Ceremony


22 November 2563/2020 at 13:00-16:00 MBU: Phra Sophonvachirabhorn (Sawai Chotiko), Vice-Rector for Foreign Affairs, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, was officially invited to deliver the blessing: Jayamangalagatha for convocation ceremony in 2563/2020 of Mahamakut Buddhist University (MBU)

This convocation ceremony was presided over by His Holiness Somdet Phra Ariyavangsagatayana, Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, to confer the degrees on graduates as B.A, M.A, Ph.D. and Honorary Degree respectively at Convocation Hall, Mahamakut Buddhist University, Salaya Road, Phutthamonthon district, Nakhon Pathom province.

On this occasion of the MBU graduation ceremony, Phramaha Kosol Therapanyo, Director, International Relations Division and Phramaha Wichian Sudhīro, Acting Director, Office of Dhammaduta College, who are followers, joined the event.

In addition, Phra Sophonvachirabhorn had a chance to congratulate Phra Dhammapanyabodhi, President Council of MCU, who was received a Doctorate Honorary Degree in Buddhist Studies by MBU and to meet Phrarajpatiphankosol, Rector of MBU including executive administers of MBU.

News: International Relations Division

Reporter: Phra Siriwanna Siriwanno

English News: Phra Siriwanna Siriwanno

Picture:  Foreign Affairs of MCU


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