Celebrating a Ceremony of Phra Kittisophonvides’s Birthday


21 October, 2563/2020 at 06:00 BANGKOK: Phra Sophonvachirabhorn (Sawai Chotiko), Vice Rector for Foreign Affairs, along with administers, lecturers and staff of Dhammaduta College and International Relations Division, gave a blessing to Phra Kittisophonvides, the Chief Abbot of Wat Nakprok, Pak Khlong Phasi Charoen Governor of Sub-district, Bangkok, President of The Union of Thai Sanghas in Oceania (UTO), Advisor of Rector for foreign Affairs, Committee Member of Dhammaduta Training Project, in the occasion of 76th Birthday at Wat Nakprok, Pak Khlong Phasi Charoen, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok.

In this event, Most Venerable Somdet Phra Maha Thirachan, Chief Abbot of Wat Yannawa, a member of the Executive Committees for the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, and Chairman of the Committee of the Center of Ecclesiastical External Mission, Yannawa Temple, Charoen Krung Rd., Yan Nawa Sub district, Sathon District, Bangkok presided over the celebration ceremony of Phra Kittisophonvides’s 76th Birthday.

News: International Relations Division

English News: Phra Siriwanna Siriwanno

Picture: Dhammaduta College,


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