Grand Opening Ceremony at Sanam Luang


On 29 Dec, 2561/2018 at 13:00-20:00 SANAM LUANG: All Buddhist Monks Leaders and representatives, who are from 12 countries, participated at Saket Temple to place the Buddha’s Relics or Buddha Images on movable throne taking procession to Grand opening Ceremony at Sanam Luang.

After the movable throne taking place at Sanam Luang, all representatives of participating countries and ambassadors are invited to carry the Buddha’s Relics or the Buddha images to be enshrined at Pavilion. In this occasion, there are many people to join the ceremony of International Chanting New Year 2019 at Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, which is organized by the government cooperation with Dhammaduta College, MCU and the department of religious affairs, Thailand.



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