Committees Meeting of Overseas Dhammaduta Bhikkhus Class 26th/2563/2020


On 11 Feb 2563/2020, BANGKOK: it had an annual meeting 2563/2020 for project of Dhammaduta College in overseas Dhammaduta Bhikkhus, Class 26th at Mahathat Yuwarajarangsarit Rajaworamahavihara. The meeting was led Most Ven. Somdet Phramaha Thirachan, Member of the Executive Committee for the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, Chairman of the Regulatory Office for Overseas Dhammaduta Bhikkhus (RODB) and Chief Abbot of Wat Yannawa. He gave the policy and advised the guideline about his experiences to the training Bhikkhu Mission. There are many sections to join the meeting as well it had Executives, Lecturers, staff of MCU, advisory luminaries, Director, Buddhist Office Division, Religious Affairs and government staff, who were concerned with. Phra Sophonvachirabhorn, Vice Rector for Foreign Affairs of MCU, and Phra Mongkoltheerakhun, Dr. Director of Dhammaduta College of MCU are to be secretarial and assistant of the meeting for the project of Dhammaduta College in Overseas Dhammaduta Bhikkhus.

News: Dhammaduta College

Reporter: Dr.Phramaha Samarn Jataviriyo

English News: Phra Siriwanna Siriwanno

Picture: Dhammaduta College,


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