MCU Meeting with Affiliation of Buddhist College of Singapore


21 January, 2563/2020 MCU: Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Phra Rajapariyatkavi, Rector of MCU, is the chairman to hold a meeting with Affiliation of Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS). The meeting is held a meeting of a Committee of the Affiliated Institute at Conference Room 303, Office of the Rector, MCU, Ayutthaya.

Buddhist College of Singapore (BCS) is affiliated of MCU to run programs as foundation of English classes and Basic monastic training course for female laity, Bachelor Degree (B.A) program and Master Degree (M.A) program are taught either in English or Mandarin, which is to report the meeting as quality assurance, BCS activities and others.

The meeting is facilitated by International Relations Division, MCU.

Photo: International Relations Division, MCU

News: Siriwanna Siriwanno, IRD, MCU


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